Two Storey Extension & Alterations

Cambridge, Cambs

Our initial conversations produced a number of key aspirations, a modern two storey addition to the existing 1970’s bungalow, comprising an open plan room, ground floor shower and utility room. Also an extension of the existing landing to connect with two new bedrooms was requested. Building refurbishments to include a face lift for the existing building, with more light to the ground floor rooms was also a requirement.

A number of building designs were put forward, with building plans being drawn up for the clients prefered option. An existing planning application had already been passed.

We produced 3d visualisations allowing the client to ‘see’ what the finished project would look like.

Building regulations documents and drawings were produced, to ensure the builders met current building control requirements for all materials, and specific techniques were used to avoid future problems.

We created specifications and tender documents so builders quotes would be accurate and comparable.

Additionally we undertook the contract administration for this build, visiting site on a weekly basis to monitor the build.

The before and after photos below show the striking difference in the completed property (note the front door is from the existing building).